DR. jane scott


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Jane is a UK based designer and academic who works as a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Design at The University of Leeds. She holds a PhD from The University of the Arts, London, and has recently taken up the role of visiting research fellow in Biomimetic Textiles at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Jane’s work is located at the intersection of biological systems, programmable materials and textile design and technology. As a knit specialist her research challenges the established understanding of smart materials; applying principles derived from plant biology to the development of programmable and environmentally responsive textile systems composed of natural and sustainable materials.

Her work has been presented internationally at conferences and exhibitions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Make/Shift (Craft Council), the Microsoft Research Centre, Cambridge and The London Design Festival. In 2016 she received the 2016 Autodesk ACADIA Emerging Research Award (projects category) for her work Programmable Knitting. 

Growing Medium is a new commission designed by Jane, especially for this exhibition at The Baltic. Inspired by the geometry of the dome and the form of the triangle Growing Medium is a shape-changing installation that responds to changes in moisture levels in the environment. 

Growing Medium forms part of a series of installations designed using Programmable Knitting. Programmable Knitting is a new biomimicry concept for textiles; incorporating smart and responsive behaviors into fabrics composed of 100% natural, sustainable materials. The technique is informed by nature. In a plant, structure and material is produced simultaneously, adapted for the local environment as the plant grows. This concept has been translated into a design system for textiles using knitting to develop large scale responsive installations. What each piece demonstrates is the potential for textiles composed exclusively from natural fibers to exhibit behaviors conventionally associated with smart synthetics and e-textiles. 

Composed of 100% Yorkshire spun wool, this interior installation has been designed and manufactured at The University of Leeds using CNC knit technologies.
In Growing Medium the material system engages directly with environmental change; discreetly reforming in response to increases in moisture content. Over the course of the summer the installation will physically change in shape; to demonstrate the process the right hand corner has been fully actuated into a 3D form