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Nikoletta Karastathi

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Nikoletta’s work explores non- reversible emergent self-assembly on knitted structures ‘4D Knitting’.

The main part of the work involves understanding the properties of the materials (wool, cotton, and polyester) and how they react to the environment, as well as looking at various knitting techniques. The outcomes of her research are a series of 2d knitted patterns that once exposed to heat and moisture self-assemble themselves to a 3d form.

‘Ariadnh Aphrodisia’ is a knitted prototype tailored for this exhibition. The knitting pattern is digitally designed based on Delaunay triangulation and the sizes of the triangles are controlled parametrically with the use of attractors. The triangles are knitted separately as components and stitched together to form the final piece.

Nikoletta is a practicing architect at Napper Architects, a tutor at Newcastle University and chair of the NE RIBA Research and Innovation Group. She also holds a Masters in Emergence and Design, by Newcastle University and is currently undertaking a research course at The Bartlett, UCL.